Solheim Cup: How Match Play Works

There are a total of 28 matches, played in three different forms of Match Play.

Foursome – “Foursome” play is a match where two golfers compete on a team against two golfers from another team and each side plays one ball. The golfers play alternate shots until the hole is played out. Team members alternate playing the tee shots, with one golfer hitting the tee shot on odd-numbered holes and the other hitting the tee shot on even-numbered holes. The team with the lower score wins the hole. Should the two teams have the same score the hole is halved.

 –“Four-Ball” play is a match in which each member of the two-women teams plays her own ball. Four balls are in play on each hole. The lowest score from each side will represent the score for the side. The side with the lowest score will win the hole. Should players from each side tie the lowest score, the hole is halved. The “Four-Ball” format is played on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Four 2-women teams from the U.S. will play against four 2-women teams from Europe each day.

 – “Single” is a match in which one player from the U.S. Team competes against another player from the European Team, each playing her own ball. The player with the lowest score on each hole will win the hole. A player wins this head-to-head competition when she is up by more holes than there are remaining to play. On Sunday, all twelve team members from the U.S. Team will compete against the twelve team members from the European Team.

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