Dead to Pristine in 14 Weeks

For a golf superintendent, the Canadian winter was a nightmare. More ice, snow and a longer winter than any in recent memory meant 16 of the 18 greens were dead when course superintendent Jayson Griffiths finally got to his greens this spring. They weren’t even able to open the greens to their membership until June 27th.

But the greens staff here at London Hunt and Country Club has done a terrific job recovering and rehabilitating the greens here and they look pristine heading into Thursday’s first round.

“It’s grass.  It’s just a humbling experience, it really is, and it’s just a lot of hard work.  That’s the secret.  It’s just hard work.  Countless hours,” Griffiths said. “I don’t think there was a weekend where both Brent McDougall and Deb, my assistant, left this golf course.  We were watering from morning ‘til night if need be.  It was 24/7, 14 weeks to get here.  It was just a lot of extraordinary efforts.”

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Jayson Griffiths: Host Club Superintendent at London Hunt Club

The Canadian Golf Course Superintendents Association makes a presentation to Mr. Jayson Griffiths, host club superintendent at London Hunt Club.