Boeljon one of five rookies on European Solheim Cup Team

LPGA Tour rookie Christel Boeljon notched her first professional win on the Ladies European Tour this year giving her a boost in Solheim Cup points and ultimately finished fourth in European Solheim Cup points. Boeljon is one of five rookies on the European Solheim Cup Team.

Did you enter the season with The Solheim Cup as a goal?
Boeljon: Yes it was, playing in the Solheim Cup was always a dream of mine and this time it was my first opportunity, so making the team on my first attempt feels special and makes me feel really proud. I had three goals at the beginning of the season, my first professional win, making The Solheim cup team and keeping my card for the LPGA in 2012. I managed two of the goals already and I’m confident about keeping my LPGA Card as well.

How often did you think about earning those European Solheim points each week?
Boeljon: Not that much. I just tried to play my best and if I did that I knew I was earning points. My first professional win at the Turkish Ladies Open on the Ladies European Tour helped me to get a lot of points of course.

Did you find it stressful to keep yourself in the top-4 in the points list?
Boeljon: Not really. I’ve been playing really well for more than one and a half years now and I kind of new when I would reach 150 points I would secure my place in the team. It was a pity that I didn’t play my best in the weeks of the Ricoh Women’s British Open and the Evian Masters but I learned a lot those weeks so that will help me in the future.

Has it really sunk in yet that you’ll be playing in Ireland for the 2011 European Solheim Cup Team?
Boeljon: Not really yet. It still feels really special to make the team. I’m the first professional player from The Netherlands to play on the European Team. I’m really looking forward to it

What about the Solheim Cup are you most excited about?
Boeljon: Playing as a team again and representing Europe in front of the fans, family and friends. I did this for the last time when I played with Dewi Claire Schreefel and other Dutch players during the European Championships 2008 in Sweden. We finished second that week but I had a great time and played well. In professional golf you don’t get many chances to play as a team and I enjoy this.

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