Gustafson's game ready for The Solheim Cup

Sophie Gustafson gears up for The Solheim Cup by discussing the what it is like to play on European soil, how the European Team stacks up against the U.S and about her strengths in the foursome match format.

What’s your first Solheim Cup memory?
Gustafson: I think watching the singles matches at Carin Koch's house in '94. That's is my first memory of the event.

You’re about to play on your 8th team, which one is your favorite?
Gustafson: It's got to be Sweden 2003. It was the greatest golf tournament ever. The crowds were outstanding, the golf was so good, the weather was perfect, and Europe won. Doesn't get much better then that.

What’s it like playing on European soil?
Gustafson: It's great. Having the home field advantage makes a huge difference.

What’s the 1st tee feel like for a player when the fans are screaming and singing songs that rhyme with your name?
Gustafson: It's absolutely fantastic! It's a bit nerve-racking when you are actually about to hit but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

What are you impressions of the course?
Gustafson: I've played two tournaments there and I like it. It's a long hitters course. Not in the way that it's long but having long drives will help you carry hazards which will give you shorter irons in to the undulated greens.

How does this course suit Europe’s game?
Gustafson: I think it suites it good. I honestly don't think the course suites any particular team better then the other.

How does this year’s team stack up against the U.S.?
Gustafson: I think we have a good chance. Some of the U.S. players are a little off their game and I think most of our players are in decent form.

When did making the 2011 team become a goal for you?
Gustafson: I didn't set it as a goal. I just expected myself to be on the team. There wasn't any specific time that I felt that.

Did you think about playing well a lot to be sure you made the team?
Gustafson: I didn't to be honest with you. If I felt I wouldn't make the team I'm sure I would have focused more on it but in my mind there was no way I wasn't going to be on the Solheim Cup Team when were were going to Ireland.

Your best record is in foursomes where you are 5-1-4. What is it about that format that works well for you?
Gustafson: I think the only possible answer is focus and pressure. You don't have a second chance (like in fourballs) and you have a partner that depends on you. I guess that brings out the best in me.

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