UL International Crown

Jul 21-24

Sugar Grove, IL

UL International Crown Course Info

Rich Harvest Farms

Sugar Grove, IL

Par: 72

Yardage: 7735

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Course Architect: JErry Rich

Date: 1999

Course Grasses

  • Hole 1

    Golden Vane: A rich tradition on Welch Creek – Keep it left. The line of oaks and hickory on the right side of the fairway requires an accurate drive to a narrow landing area. A slight fade is a must. Bunkers protect the green on the left, Welch Creek protects the right. Stay left through the green.

  • Hole 2

    Chance: A great risk reward. A drive to the right fairway will set up a risk/reward carry over Lake Rainbow. Water and sand protect the front while missing it long will put you in a left collection area leaving a very difficult chip.

  • Hole 3

    Clyde: Make sure of the green speed. A precision shot is required to hit one of the four quadrants of the larger free flowing green. A demanding putter stoke will be rewarded with par. The height of the green along with Lake Clyde set the stage for a stretch of great golf holes

  • Hole 4

    Devil's Elbow:The most demanding tee shot in golf. The tee shot requires an absolute perfect shot to a small landing area. Welch Creek, oaks and hickory frame the dogleg left. Entrance to the green on the right will pick up the greens right to left movement.

  • Hole 5

    Amen – Holy Stone: Check the wind. A beautiful par 3 fronted by Welch Creek and protected by the prevailing winds. A well executed iron shot to this very shallow green will be rewarded. A long center concave collection bowl with an oval of evil blue grass protects the center back of this green.

  • Hole 6

    Bunker Hill: Be careful of the flat green. Keep the drive in the center cut as the fairway is protected right and left with bunkers. The fairway’s contour leads to a narrowing landing area. The green’s large depth moves left to right and is surrounded by deep bunkers and a hidden back right collection area.

  • Hole 7

    Beauty and the Beast: A positioned drive is a must. A driver sets up the lay up shot to this great par 5. Keep it left off the tee. Bunkers are on the right with oaks and hickory guarding the left. A lay up shot between the right and left sides of Duffins Drain sets up a risk/reward shot to a large oval green.

  • Hole 8

    Burn: Tee shot over Duffins Drain. Use a driver over the valley with Illinois prairie grasses left and right. The fairway doglegs right with heavy trees protecting the right side. Duffins Drain crosses the fairway. The left bunker combined with Duffins Drain sets up a very demanding tee shot. The second shot is to a deep green which is not obvious from the fairway.

  • Hole 9

    The Road Hole: The deepest green in golf – 67 steps front to back. The tee box is located adjacent to Dugan Road opposite to the Old Course. The left and center bunkers set up the required fade. The double tiered green is protected by right and left bunkers. Pay attention to the green depth and pin locations.

  • Hole 10

    Heaven’s Beginning: Watch the oak on the right. The fairway is protected on the left with 100 yards of bunkers, the right by oak and ash. A drive properly placed will setup an iron shot to a well bunkered green. A left pin placement will be hidden. The flow of the green is from right to left.

  • Hole 11

    Eagle's Eye: A true Scottish hole. Second shot a must. A very special golf hole with a Scottish flare. Use a driver to the plateau protected by right and left deep faced Scottish bunkers. Lay up to the left fairway or chance a shot over the Illinois prairie grasses protected beyond by the “Eagle’s Eye”. The green is also protected with a green run up and flows right to left.

  • Hole 12

    Snead's Crotch: Walk with a legend, tee shot 230 with a draw. An accurate tee shot with a driver or iron is a must. The trees line the fairway with the green heavily protected on the left side. Irons to the green must have height to clear the trees protecting the left front.

  • Hole 13

    Hickory: Do not miss it right. Work an iron through the left hickory trees into a green protected on the right by the grand-daddy of oaks. Greenside bunkers protect the left front, back left, and back right. The three clover green requires the proper iron selection.

  • Hole 14

    Old Oaks: Position “A” over the oaks. Three options: Fade to the center bunker target; shoot over the two oaks; or draw between the oaks and hickory. The boomerang shaped green is protected by front and back bunkers.

  • Hole 15

    Lake Katherine: “One of Chicago’s 18 best”. Use a driver with a right to left draw. The left side opens up to a long second shot across Lake Katherine to a bunker protected green with one quarter of the green flowing off the back. Pay attention to pin location.

  • Hole 16

    Valley of Sin: Right side keep it below the hole. This hole requires a demanding iron shot across Welch Creek and the Illinois prairie grasses with trees right and left. A center bunker sets up the target. Hitting the challenging three tier green is a must.

  • Hole 17

    The Cottage: Carry to green imperative, add an extra club. Fairway bunkers left and right must be avoided. The second shot is to a very narrow green with water front and mounds across the back. Laying up to the left fairway will require a delicate play to a very delicate green.

  • Hole 18

    Covered Bridge: Hit one of three plateaus to score. A tee shot to a triple-tiered fairway. Accuracy is essential with Illinois prairie grasses left and right. Driving to one of the three tiers will set up your iron shot to the green. The back tier requires a long shot across the valley to a shallow green protected by a single deep faced bunker. A great match play finishing hole.

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