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Let's Set the Standard, Toledo.

From the moment we received the exciting news that the Solheim Cup would be coming to Toledo in 2021, our city has been busy making preparations for this momentous occasion. And, because many of those preparations include you, our local businesses, we have created a toolkit full of important tournament information and facts for you and your employees.

We hope that you will find the toolkit to be a helpful resource—one that you will access often in the months ahead as the tournament draws nearer. Please share this information with your employees—especially your front-line workers—in order to educate them about the tournament and all that it means for our region.

As Toledoans, our love and pride for this city runs deep. Now, as we continue to prepare for the Solheim Cup to come to town, we have a chance to show the rest of the world what makes Toledo so special. The energy and excitement that this tournament will bring to our region is palpable, as is the huge economic impact. In fact, we hope to exceed the estimated $32 million that was seen in Des Moines in 2017.

It’s our time to shine, Toledo. Let’s come together as a business community and set the standard. We want to be known as the greatest host city that the Solheim Cup tournament has ever seen, and with your help, we can do just that. With your help, we can make this an event like no other—an event that players and fans alike will remember long after the final putt.

Solheim Cup

Solheim in a Nutshell

The Solheim Cup has a rich history and nuanced legacy of sportsmanship and competition. Here's a short infographic to help get you and your employees up to speed!

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Frequently Asked

Long-Form FAQ Short-Form FAQ

You'll probably be receiving a lot of frequently asked questions from your customers,vendors,and employees. We've put together short- and long-form FAQs for you to read,print,or share!

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Solheim Cup

Downloadable Graphics

View Web Graphics

Show your support of Solheim Cup 2021 on your company’s home page and social media platforms! We have collected various sizes of web graphics and social media images that we encourage you to share! Reach out to solheimcup@lpga.com if you need different sizing.

Video Library

Download these videos for your office or venue displays.


Solheim Cup Sizzle Video


The Real Winner is Women’s Golf


LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan speaks to Toledo


City of Toledo’s (BIG) Program

BIG Program (PDF) BIG Application (PDF)

The City of Toledo’s BIG program will provide façade grant funding to businesses for the strategic, geographically-focused, revitalization of commercial buildings within low-to-moderate income census tract areas. Please find two documents that outline the program, as well as an application.

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