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Tuesday, August 31st

Military Appreciation Day

Team Practice

Solheim After Sundown Downtown Presented by Danberry Co., Realtors Hensville

Wednesday, September 1st

Healthcare Hero Appreciation Day

Team Practice

Thursday, September 2nd

Team Practice

Friday, September 3rd
Team Practice
Opening Ceremony – Promenade Park (followed by three-time Grammy Award Winner Gwen Stefani live in concert)
Saturday, September 4th

Four (4) Foursome Matches
Four (4) Fourball Matches

*Airtimes: 7:30a – 12:30p GOLF, 12:30p – 2:30p NBC, 2:30p – 6:00p GOLF

Sunday, September 5th 

Four (4) Foursome Matches
Four (4) Fourball Matches

*Airtimes: 7:30a – 12:00p GOLF, 12:00p – 1:30p NBC, 1:30p – 6:00p GOLF

Monday, September 6th

Twelve (12) Singles Matches
Closing Ceremony - Inverness Club

*Airtimes: 12:00p – 6:00p GOLF

*All events subject to change

**Solheim Cup event tickets do not include downtown special events (Solheim After Sundown or Opening Ceremony). Special event tickets must be purchased here.


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